Singorama Guide to Singing

Singorama – Essential Guide To Singing Step by Step

Essential guide to singing of  Melanie Alexander, is an experienced vocal coach, and she has  experienced some incredible successes as a singer as well, earning a Gold, & 2 platinum albums, having a hit singles in Australia & Asia as part of a band called “Girlfriend” (guide to singing)


I’ll share with you more on that in a moment but first…

Wouldn’t it be great to share your singing voice and shock those around you?

Most folks believe that great singing is a “gift that you are born with” so they don’t bother trying to improve or move past their self perceived limitations. ( Guide to singing)

Many have cheated themselves out of the satisfaction and joy of singing beautifully.

They have missed out on a rich life experience.

Why? Because they tried it a few times in their life, and because they weren’t amazing at it straight away, they decided they were terrible.

You too can maximise your singing range with, vocal agility and resonance – With FAST results.

Provided you know how to tune your voice the right way.

Learning the CORRECT techniques is what makes all the difference – and quickly.


You might be saying to yourself… “But wait, I KNOW I don’t sound very good, or at least not as good as I could”…

The reason for that is you haven’t learned to use your vocal chords properly yet.

In fact, the beauty of the vocal chords is that they respond to exercise very quickly. It’s a delicate muscle that only needs minutes a day to tune – provided you know how to tune your voice the right way.

Your vocal chords can be conditioned like a multi-million dollar musical instrument.

It doesn’t matter if you failed music in school,

or are the worst singer in your choir…

Even if people have called you tone deaf!

Just follow the simple steps and before you know it you will be have amazing vocal agility and a power that resonates effortlessly. (guide to singing)

You have it in you… But you need to know the right techniques….Like our “Organic Auto Tune Technique”that that gives you velvet honey vocals through 3 octaves .

And the “Loaded Sonancy Method” that gives you absolute confidence in projecting your vocals with flawless technique… just to name a few.

As I mentioned earlier, She  was a lead singer in a #1 pop group called “Girlfriend”.  We enjoyed international success with many singles peppered throughout the top 10.

But long before my success, She was not what you would have considered a good singer…


She was actually teased at school for my efforts at singing.


She had given up on singing altogether until a friend who was seeing a vocal coach taught me some techniques so I could audition for a musical.


Just a few tips, and a burning ambition, gave me the confidence to pursue singing.


She was lucky to have parents who were able to afford the vocal lessons I craved.


At the time She didn’t realize She was learning to sing in an incredibly old fashioned and slow way.


– But with perseverance and luck She was able to make it as a professional.


But She still hadn’t experienced that ‘light-bulb moment’ with her singing yet.


She always considered myself a dancer first, before She  was a singer, and She didn’t have total confidence in herself to be the lead singer in our group. (guide to singing)

Learning the CORRECT techniques is what makes all the difference and quickly.

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